Acronova Technology Nimbie USB Plus NB21-MBR Blu-ray-CD-DVD-M-Disc Autoloader-Duplicator-Ripper with USB 3.0

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as of 11/29/2023 (Details)

Acronova Nimbie USB Plus M-DiscPC-Connected Automated M-Disc/Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplicator and RipperThe Acronova Nimbie Plus M-Disc NB21-MBR is a PC-connected, multi-purpose disc loading system, which you can use for M-Disc, Blu-ray, CD, and DVD duplication, music CD ripping and backup. It is also capable of ripping DVD and Blu-ray videos using third-party software. Nimbie USB Plus M-Disc offers a low-cost solution for users who require multiple applications in disc auto-loading systems.This NB21-MBR is M-Disc compatible. M-Discs have been proven to last 1,000 years and are resistant to damage caused by extreme light, temperature, and humidity. While burning M-Discs requires a special M-Disc compatible drive (like the one in the NB21-MBR), once recorded, M-Discs can be read by standard drives. The Acronova Nimbie USB Plus M-Disc makes it easy to automate the backup and archiving of your most important videos, photos, music and data to M-Disc.The Nimbie USB Plus M-Disc is easy to use and has many useful features. Simply connect to a PC via the USB port, and you can use the NB21-MBR with the included user-friendly software and a variety of third-party software to automate several tasks, such as CD ripping, M-Disc archiving and BD/CD/DVD duplication. USB 3.0 will support 14x high-speed BD-R recording, while the unit is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Nimbie also features a multi-master mode to duplicate different master discs in the same batch.For any individual or organization, the Acronova Nimbie USB Plus M-Disc provides the most versatile performance at the most affordable price.

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