Andrea (USB-SA) PureAudio External Digital USB Sound Card

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as of 09/24/2023 (Details)

Overview : Andrea’s USB-SA external digital sound card eliminates computer noise floor problems as it utilizes high quality digital circuitry to bypasses your desktop or laptop computer’s sound system. This device provides increased fidelity and performance of stereo microphone input and stereo speaker output for all of your computer audio applications. Features : Hi-fidelity external sound card with CD quality digital sample rates. Converts the built-in sound of the average desktop or laptop into a rich audio experience designed for PC users who insist on high quality/low noise audio. Small form factor, about the size of a thumb drive, is convenient for portability with audio peripherals. The USB adapter enables the audio device driver platform which supports the Andrea Pure Audio noise reduction technology and Andrea hardware peripherals. Can also be used to enhance ANY existing legacy headset, microphone or speakers. Stereo Microphone Input and Stereo Speaker Output Removes the Uncertainty of Legacy PC Audio Quality and Compatibility Issues USB 2.0 Full Speed Operation Device Class Specification V1.0 Compliant (Digital Audio Device) Small Form Factor is Convenient for Portability with Audio Peripherals Power On / Data Transmit LED Indicator Windows and Mac Compatible Available with Andrea Audio Enhancement Software Specification : Connections Microphone Jack 3.5mm: Pink (PMS 701C) Speaker Jack 3.5mm: Green (PMS 365C) Operation Power: USB Microphone Input: 2 Channel Stereo Audio Output: 2 Channel Stereo Sampling Rate: 48K / 44.1K Hz / 16K / 8K Power Supply Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5.5 VDC Total Power Consumption: 120 mA Microphone Input A/D Conversion Resolution: 16 bit THD + N: -84 dB Supply Bias Resistor: 2.2K Ohm @ 3.3VDC Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Input Range: 0 - 1.25 Vrms Dyn

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