Brand New 12.7mm UJ260, UJ-260 6x Blu-ray Burner BD-ROM BD-R 8xDVD CD Burner Player SATA Laptop Drive

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With Black Standard Black Bezel and Eject button on the right,you may need to remove your original dvd drive's faceplate to this bluray drive for perfect wroking. Does not include metal mounting bracket. Does not include ribbon cable. Blu-ray Writer in the most compact form Slimline, lightweight and multi-talented. It's your choice: record on BDs, DVDs or CDs. The storage giant UJ-260 achieves 6x when writing to BD media. It also achieves 6x speed when reading 25 GB BD-R and BD-RE media as well as 50 GB dual-layer R and RE Blu-ray media. The UJ-260 support read and write to BD TL QL XL 100GB and 128GB blu-ray disc. When storing data on DVD-Rs/DVD+Rs, it reaches 8x speed and handles DVD-RAMs (max. 5x DVD speed) and DVD-RWs/DVD+RWs (max. 6x/8x) dynamically. The UJ-260 drivers Top-of-the Line media writing performance for BD, DVD and CD with leading technologies and expertise. Isn't it perfect to have all options? Model: UJ-260 Type: 6X Blu-ray Burner Loading: Tray-Loading Interface: SATA Tray Loading, you can remove the original drive's faceplate to this drive Material: Aluminium Color: Silver Net dimensions: 128mm x 12.7mm x 129mm Information: Read Speed: • 2x BD-ROM (Blu-Ray Read) • 24x CD • 8x DVD • 5x DVD-RAM CD Write Speed: • 24x CDR • 16x CDRW DVD Write Speed: • 8x DVD-R • 8x DVD+R • 6x DVD-RW • 8x DVD+RW • 6x DL-R • 6x DL+R • 5x DVD-RAM BD Write Speed: • 6x BD-R SL (Blu-Ray Write Single Layer) • 6x BD-R DL (Blu-Ray Write Dual Layer) • 4x BD-R TL (Blu-Ray Write Triple Layer) • 4x BD-R QL (Blu-Ray Write Quad Layer) • 2x BD-RE SL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Single Layer) • 2x BD-RE DL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Dual Layer) • 2x BD-RE TL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Triple Layer)

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