CQRobot VL53L1X Time-of-Flight (ToF) Long Distance Ranging Sensor for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32. Accurate Ranging Up to 4m, I2C Interface. for Mobile Robot, UAV, Detection Mode, Camera, Smart Home.

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The VL53L1X is a third-generation FlightSense technology time-of-flight sensor that extends the TOF ranging length to 4 meters and the ranging frequency to 50 Hz. The VL53L1X uses ST's latest ToF technology, which integrates physical infrared filters and optical components to provide distance measurement and immunity to interference regardless of target color and reflectivity. The FlightSense sensor directly measures the distance between the object and the sensor based on the photon round-trip flight time. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the surface characteristics of the measured object, making the low-power high-precision ranging and proximity detection function suitable for a wider range of applications. Wiki: http://www.cqrobot.wiki/index.php/VL53L1X_Distance_Sensor APPLICATIONS - Mobile Robot (walking by wall, cliff detection, collision avoidance) - UAV (UAV) hover/landing aids) - Detection Mode (automatic sleep/wake-up function on PC, notebook, and LOT devices) - Camera (low-light AF assist, video focus tracking) - Architecture and Lighting (1D gesture recognition, incoming detection) - Smart Home (automatic sanitary ware for toilet, faucet or hand sanitizer) - Inventory Management (package counting for smart shelf systems) SPECIFICATIONS - Working Voltage: 3.3V/5V - Product Size: 26 mm * 23 mm - Through Hole Size: 3.0 mm - Range Measurement: 40 mm to 4000 mm - Ranging Accuracy: Plus/Minus 5% - Ranging Time (min): 20 ms (Short Distance Mode), 33 ms (Medium Distance / Long - Distance Mode) - Ranging Angle: 27 Degree - Laser wavelength: 940 nm - Working Temperature: -20 Degree Celsius to 80 Degree Celsius DISTRIBUTION LIST 1 * Long Distance Ranging Sensor (VL53L1X) 1 * PH2.0 6-Pin Cable (20 cm)

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