DMX Shield /This DMX / RDM Shield Is A Low Cost High Quality Solution That Allows You To Connect Your Arduino Driven Artwork Into DMX512 Networks

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as of 09/24/2023 (Details)

Product IntroductionA Arduino main control device designed for the DMX expansion board. Add the DMX extension board to the master controller, and Arduino can become a DMX host.DMX/RDM expansion board can be very convenient to access the Arduino device to the DMX512 network, you do not need to buy expensive equipment for the installation of the agreement. The expansion board is equipped with a NEUTRIK high quality 3 core plug (male and female 1), to ensure reliable connection with other music equipment.DMX expansion board on the MAX485 MAXIM chip Arduino can be used as DMX host, slave and RDM forwarding functions. At the same time, a unique ID device RDM will be assigned to your Arduino device.The cap on the board has the following switching function:Transmit data via TX/4 pinReceive data via RX/3 pinControl hardware from machine mode / software control master slave mode through digital port 2Enable / disable extension board. The jumping cap can be extended to the board to occupy the RX/TX of the Arduion and can not upload the program, disable the expansion board.Technical specificationsUsed for remote music device controlExtended Arduino master slave DMX device functionsDistribution listDMX expansion board x 1

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