Gikfun 3D LightSquared DIY Kit 8x8x8 3mm LED Cube White LED Blue Ray EK1568

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as of 09/24/2023 (Details)

This LED cube suite is DIY, user need some electronic basis and welding ability. Parameters: Power supply voltage: 4.5~5.5V PCB size: 11.1*12.7CM Listing: PCB x1 3mm white blue LED x512 XH2.54-40P round female pin x2 20P IC socket x9 74HC573 DIP x9 USB to DC005 cable x1 DC005 power socket x1 18P IC socket x1 ULN2803 DIP x1 40P IC socket 1 STC12C5A60S2 (with code) 1 A09-103 Resisters x1 8*8 Self-locking switch x1 10uf 25V electrolytic capacitor x2 12MHz crystals x1 22pf ceramics capacitor x2 470ohm resistor x8 4.7K ohm resistor x2 LED 3mm x1 0.8mm cable x1Note: 1.The product is used for learning. It's Prohibited for any other purpose. 2.Suit for people above 18 year's old with 1 year electronic diy experience. Or use it correctly under the guidance of electronic specializer. 3.Please wear anti-static gloves or bracelet when operate electronic products.

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