GUWANJI CH375B U Disk Reader Module USB Host Interface Module 51 U-writable Disc Module with SD Card Module

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Brand: D Function: USB Module Catagory: Electronic Module Product Model: CH375B USB Module General description: CH375B is a USB bus the general interface chip, has the 8-bit data bus and read, write, and choose the line of control and interrupt output, can be easily hooked up to single/DSP/MCU/MPU controller of the system bus. In a USB host mode, CH375B also provides a way of serial communication, through a serial input, serial output and interrupt output with MCU/DSP/MCU/MPU, etc. 2 x 8 connector, can be convenient to hook up with MCU choose according to jump line, can work in parallel or serial mode USB status indicators the onboard 3.3 V LDO 1117, the biggest provide current 800 mA 5 v power supply power supply by the target board 12 MHZ crystal vibration Package Including1*USB Module

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