Hagibis USB External Sound Card Adapter 2 in 1 USB to 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack Audio Adapter Mic Stereo Sound Card for Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, Laptops, Desktops, PS4 (Black)

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Hagibis USB Audio Adapter can easily add a 3.5mm TRRS port (integrated audio-in and audio out interface) to your PC through an available USB interface. It can bypass the defective sound card or the faulty 3.5mm audio port of your laptop/desktop system and regain the audio function for you. Save the cost of replacing a failed sound card. Specifications -Brand: Hagibis -Name: USB 2 in 1 Sound card -Dimensions: 23mm*20mm*10mm -Port: USB to 3.5mm Jack Female -Voltage: DV +5v -Working current: ‰¤38mA -Signal to Noise Ratio: ‰¥93dB -Input Signal to Noise Ratio: ‰¥90dB -Output THD+N: ‰¤-70dB/‰¤0.0316% -Input THD+N: ‰¤-84dB/‰¤0.0006% -Frequency: 20Hz-20Hz ampling Rate:44.1/48K@16bits Chipset:HS-100B System requirements * Windows 10 * Windows 8.1/8 * Windows 7 * Windows Vista * Windows XP * Mac OS 8.6 or above * PS4 Important Note: For using with PS4, the output sound for Left and Right channel will be Reversed as the sound sampling rate of our audio adapter(192K/24BIT) is higher than PS4 Compatibility(48K/16BIT). Note: 1. This USB sound adapter is designed for your new headset with 3.5mm TRRS interface. It does not work with headset with separate headphone and microphone 3.5mm audio port. 2. The USB interface on PS3 does not carry audio signal, so this usb audio adapter does not work with PS3. Configuration Instructions: Windows: * Right-click on the sound icon in the taskbar; * Select Playback or Recording devices; * Adjust the volume on the computer and in the application. Mac: * Go to System Preferences > Sound > C-Media USB Headset > Output or Input > Volume Package Content: Hagibis USB External Sound Card x 1 User Manuals x 1 Warranty Card x 1

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