Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

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Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Clear QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card  This hybrid digital/analog TV tuner DVR card provides a perfect solution to add TV tuner and video recorder to desktop PC. This TV card can receive broadcast channels, unencrypted QAM channels, analog cable TV channels and display on PC monitor with clear HD quality up to 1080p. Users can record TV shows instantly or use the EPG giving users TV program guides/schedule for deciding what to watch and when record. by advanced scheduling and store the recorded programs in PC hard drive at full HD quality. Universal/Hybrid RF TV Input This TV card expands your desktop PC with RF coax input for hookup with DTV antenna, cable outlet or TV out from satellite box. It supports worldwide digital/analog TV broadcast standards including ATSC, DVB-T, NTSC and PAL. Digital ATSC DVB-T Terrestrial TV Tuner The digital terrestrial tuner portion of this PCI Express card supports ATSC format for North America and DVB-T format for Europe and all other countries. High-gain receiver built in. Works great with long range reception for aerial channels than those USB TV sticks. Clear QAM Tuner It can also decode those free unencrypted QAM channels. [Note]: this card can not be freely used for digital cable channels as most wired HD channels are protected. Universal NTSC PAL Tuner For CATV Satellite This TV card also has an analog tuner built in for decoding UHF, VHF, analog CATV or modulated signals into digital MPEG formats for viewing/recording. User-Friendly DVR Software The TVR software allows user to use their desktop computers just like a TV DVR.  Major TVR functions supported including Time Shifting, Scheduled Recording, EPG TV Guide, Closed Caption,Burn To Disc functions.

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