IIEasy External 56K V.92 Dial Up Usb Data / Fax Modem- Add dial-up Internet access and fax modem support to your computer, through USB for Windows / Mac OS X 10.x

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as of 06/03/2023 (Details)

The hardware-based USB 56k Modem lets you add dial-up Internet access and external fax modem support to your computer through USB. This controller-based modem saves system resources and minimizes load on the CPU, using on-chip processing to deliver dial-up access without taxing your computer performance. With support for transfer rates up to 56 Kbps (data) and 14.4 Kbps (fax ), and compatibility with the latest transmission standards ( V.92, V.90, etc.), this versatile Fax Modem can keep you connected from virtually any USB-capable computer. To ensure portability and easy setup, the USB modem features a compact, lightweight design and is powered through the USB host connection, as opposed to an external power adapter. The modem also supports both Windows and Mac OS platforms, providing the versatility needed for true convenience. Advantage: ■ Conserve system resources with hardware-based signal processing Compliant with common data/fax communication standards for near universal compatibility ■ Compact, portable design makes the USB Fax Modem easy and convenient to use in tight spaces or while traveling Applications: ■ Add dial-up support to a desktop, laptop, or netbook when broadband access is not available ■ Turn a PC into a fax machine, capable of sending and receiving faxes NOTE: * V.92 feature is subjected to ISP Support * Requires software application support

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