IR Transmitter Infrared Remote Hat Expansion Board 38KHz Transceiver Shield for Raspberry Pi RPi B+/2B/3B

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as of 12/06/2023 (Details)

This s a IR transceiver expansion board/hat specially designed for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ / 3B / 2B / B+. On-board IR transmitter and receiver diode with 38KHz working frequency are compatible with most IR remote controller. You can remote control TV, LED strip, DVD player or other IR remote control systems by the Infrared remote function. 1. Infrared Receiving Function: 1)Operating Frequency: 38KHz 2)Receiving Distance: 18-20m 3)Receiving Angle: +/-45 degree 2. Infrared Transmitting Function: 1)Wave Length: 940nm 2)Transmitting Distance: 7-8m 3. Support infrared dual LED transmitting: The raspberry pi hat supports dual IR transmitter. (User needs to install the extra transmitter and disconnect the SJ1.) 4. Support LIRC software: Support LIRC software and XBMC system. It is compatible with most home appliances and easy to control. 5. Support XBMC system: Users can use the infrared function of the raspberry pi hat in XBMC circumstance. 6. Support double GPIO button: User can program the button function. Package Included: 1X IR Remote Expansion Board

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