NooElec NESDR XTR+ Tiny Extended-Range TCXO-Based RTL-SDR & DVB-T USB Stick (RTL2832U + E4000) w/ Antenna and Remote Control

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as of 12/07/2023 (Details)

Meet the XTR+ ! XTR stands for eXTended Range. Containing an ultra-rare E4000 tuner chip, these devices are capable of receiving frequencies all the way up to 2300MHz. As with other SDRs, the exact frequency range capability varies somewhat from unit to unit. As a 'plus' version, this model contains an ultra-high-accuracy, GPS-rated, made in Japan +/- 0.5PPM TCXO oscillator. What does that mean? Rock-solid short and long term tuning accuracy, in nearly any temperature range. Nifty! For those who are unaware, the maker of the E4000 integrated circuit, Elonics, went out of business years ago. As a result, E4000-based USB sticks are very hard to find. There are plenty of unscrupulous sellers selling 'E4000' or 'E4000-upgrade' SDRs, but every one that we know of are selling USB devices with other tuner chips to unsuspecting customers. Thankfully, you won't have that problem with NooElec! Yes, these are REAL E4000-based SDRs...guaranteed! After looking and negotiating for over 2 years, we finally managed to obtain the remainder of the E4000 integrated circuit in limited quantities. Once these are sold out they will not be available again, anywhere. In terms of size, the NESDR XTR is closer in size to the NESDR Nano than the NESDR Mini & NESDR Mini 2. The shell is 43.0mm in length (excluding male USB plug), 20.0mm in width, and 10.0mm in depth. An important advantage of the XTR is its lower power consumption, which can be critical for portable and embedded applications. The XTR has a current draw of approximately 170mA at 5v DC, approximately half of the power consumption of the NESDR Mini, NESDR Mini 2 & NESDR Nano. It is important to note that E4000 has a 'gap' in it's frequency capability, known as the 'L-band gap', around 1100MHz-1200MHz range (exact location varies from device to device). In our own testing, we find that the E4000 performs better starting near 1500MHz and higher.

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