PrimoChill Enhanced D5 Liquid Cooling 12V Pump Motor – PWM Enabled – Single Edition

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as of 10/01/2022 (Details)

. The Enhanced D5 Liquid Cooling 12V Pump Motor is packed with a new PWM control chip. With this new controller the D5 now has a duty-cycle, feedback, and PWM control that scales in a similar way as the DDC 3.25. This makes it a very reliable and smooth operating pump. This PWM control allows you to automate the pump speed based on CPU temperature using the motherboard PWM CPU fan header. This functionality keeps your pump only running at speeds that are needed. This also allows the safety feature of auto shut down based on RPM feedback if available in your BIOS. Warnings/Cautions:Use of caustic and/or abrasive coolant will void your warranty and may cause your pump to fail. PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk. This pump comes stock without any housing allowing you to integrate any of your favorite pump tops and pump accessories. Due to this the pump cannot be used as a standalone unit. Nominal voltage:12 V DC Operating voltage range:8 to 24 VDC Nominal power (@ 12 V):37 W Max Nominal current (@ 12 V):2 amps Motor type:Brushless, microprocessor controlled Maximum head:12.79 ft (3.9 m) Maximum discharge:~ 396 GPH (1500 LPH) Maximum system temperature: 140°F (60°C) Performance will vary based on housing used

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