Raspberry Pi Deluxe Breakout Kit for A+, B+ and Models 2 & 3 B – includes Cobbler, Breadboard, Projects Guide, 100+ Components and Heat Sinks

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as of 05/08/2021 (Details)

A comprehensive kit for your next project or an introduction to the Raspberry PiIncludes everything you need to get started interacting with the Raspberry Pi General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins plus a full color guide with step by step instructions for reading inputs and controlling outputs. Updated and expanded in August of 2016, our guide is designed to teach as well as encourage creative thinking. Through a series of projects, you will learn about interacting with the GPIO through both Python and Scratch as well as the newly released GPIO Zero library.Viaboot's Deluxe Breakout Kit offers a wider variety of components in larger quantities with an array of projects to jump start your learning & creativity.Kit Includes:Understanding the GPIO GuideViaboot GPIO Breakout SetOver 100 Assorted ComponentsHeat Sinks - set of 2GPIO Breakout Set:Viaboot GPIO Breakout - fully assembled, featuring the smallest breadboard footprint available40-pin GPIO Ribbon Cable830 Point BreadboardJumper Wires - 65 in assorted lengthsIncluded Components:Deluxe Buttons with caps - set of 2Super Bright RGB LEDLEDs - 3 each in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & BlueCapacitors - 3 each in 1nF, 1µF & 100µFResistors -20 each in 220, 330, 1k, 10k & 100kLight Sensitive Photoresistors - set of 2Transistors - 4 each of PNP/PN2222A & NPN/PN2907Diodes -3 each of 1N4001 & 1N4148Viaboot kits include a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all parts

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