Retroflag NESPi Case+ Plus Functional Power Button with Safe Shutdown & Cooling Fan & Heatsinks & Flannel Bag for RetroPie Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B & Raspberry Pi 3B+ (NESPI Case+)

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as of 07/03/2022 (Details)

Attention:You need to download newest image "RetroPie 4.4" if you use this NESPi Case+ with Raspberry Pi 3B+: Batocera and Recalbox do not fit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ now. Safe Shutdown and Safe ResetNESPi Case PLUS can have SAFE SHUTDOWN and SAFE RESET functions. (Scripts is necessary).Safe shutdown scripts: Product descriptionSafe Shutdown and Safe ResetFunctional LED power indicatorFunctional POWER and RESET buttonsNES case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) 2Easy access to the SD-Card and all other ports without opening the casePackage Includes NESPi Case PLUS USB power cable, DIY power cable x 2 Internet cable, fan power cord, USB cable Adaptable PCB x 4 Screw driver x 1 Instruction manual x 1 Heatsink x3 Cooling Fan x1 Flannel Bag x1

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