SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano – Including 98 Page Instructions Book

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The kit is special in consisting mainly of sensor modules. Each sensor is made in the format of module which integrates some necessary components, such as comparator, resistor, and capacitor and so on, so it's convenient for circuit connection. This kit can help you "control" the physical world with sensors. Code, Fritzing files and datasheets are free to view and download under the LEARN section on SunFounder website. 36 Experiments with Modules Lesson 1 Display by I2C LCD1602 Lesson 2 Analog Hall Sensor Lesson 3 Switch Hall Sensor Lesson 4 Analog Temperature Sensor Lesson 5 Temperature Detection by Thermistor Lesson 6 Auto-flash LED Lesson 7 Barometer Lesson 8 Real-time Clock Module Lesson 9 Flame Alarm Lesson 10 Flammable Gas Detection Lesson 11 Humiture Detection Lesson 12 Joystick PS2 Lesson 13 Controlling an LED by Button Lesson 14 Vibration Switch Lesson 15 Touch Switch Lesson 16 Photo-interrupter Lesson 17 Photoswitch Lesson 18 Reed Switch Lesson 19 Relay Lesson 20 Blinking an LED by Potentiometer Lesson 21 Tilt Switch Lesson 22 Buzzer Lesson 23 Digital Temperature Sensor Lesson 24 Rainbow LED Lesson 25 Infrared Receiver Lesson 26 Dual-color LED Lesson 27 Sound Sensor Lesson 28 Rotary Encoder Lesson 29 Laser Transmitter Lesson 30 IR Tracking Sensor Lesson 31 IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Lesson 32 Color Detection Lesson 33 Analog-Digital Converter Lesson 34 Raindrop Detection Lesson 35 Distance Detection by Ultrasonic Lesson 36 Thermostatic Water Tank

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