Via Chip 3 + 1 Ports Firewire IEEE1394 iLink PCI Controller Card W/ Free 6 to 4pin firewire cable

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Importer520 4-Port Firewire IEEE1394 PCI Controller Card (3 External Ports + 1 Internal Port) PLUS 6pin to 4pin Firewire Cable! FireWire IEEE1394 allows users to connect up to 63 devices, whose specification calls for 100, 200 and 400 Mbits/sec. Transfer rate. It supports hot swapping, multiple speeds on the same bus and isochronous data transfer, which guarantees bandwidth for multimedia operations. It is perfectly for truly universal connection for almost any consumer, computer or peripherals applications like digital cameras and other video devices. Features: VIA Chipset (Single Chip Solution) Additional power adapter design, Enhance power supple from the PC Low profile design, suit for any type of PC Compliant with 1394 Open HCI Spec. with DMA engine support high Performance serial Bus Supports PCI2.2 Host Interface Supports 100/200/400 Mbit/sec transmission Supports hot swap, Plug & Play functions Specifications : Supports IEEE 1394 transfer rates of 100/200/400 Mbps IEEE 1394-1995 compliant and compatible with proposal 1394A VIA VT 6306 chipset 1394 Version A Meet all OHCI and 1394A requirements Supports PC99 ACPI Compliant P1394 connector 3 External and 1 Internal Ports Compliant with PCI specifications Rev 2.2 Supports Plug and Play specifications Implements a 32-bit PCI address-data path Provides PCI address-data parity checking Performs functions of 1394 cycle master Generates 32-bit CRC checking on reception Provides three size-programmable FIFO Operates form 3.3 Volt power while maintaining 5 volt tolerant input Provides PCI bus master function for read-write access of internal registers Supports DMA transfers between 1394 and local bus RAM, ROM, AUX or ZV Requirements: Windows® 98/98SE/2000/ME/XP Mac OS 8.6.1 or Above

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