Yamaha CRW2100EZ Lightspeed 16x10x40 Internal EIDE CD-RW Drive

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as of 12/07/2023 (Details)

With the Yamaha 2100EZ CD-RW, you can record and rewrite up to 700 MB of data or music on a disc. The write speed of 16x, combined with a generous 8 MB buffer, enables you to record a 74-minute CD in less than 5 minutes, and the 10x rewrite speed enables you to record, erase, and record information up to 999 times. Throw in a 40x read speed, and you won't need to purchase an additional CD-ROM drive to play your favorite games. The Pure Phase laser system, exclusively found in Yamaha products, reduces reflections and glare when CDs are recorded, resulting in fewer errors on the finished disc. Reliability is also increased through the use of optimum write speed control, which automatically selects the best recording speed for a disc. For easy updating of drive software, Flash ROM is included as well.

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