Zoom 3049 Data/Fax Modem  Serial  1 x RJ-11 Phone Line, 1 x RS-232 Serial  56 Kbps

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as of 02/28/2024 (Details)

The Zoom/Modem V.92 External Model 3049 is a high performance 56K fax modem that plugs into the serial port of a computer using Windows, Macintosh, LINUX or UNIX operating systems(Window 8 or later OS’s use the Windows built-in Standard 56K driver). It also works with any device that can provide RS-232 signaling for Transmit, Receive, Ground. The 3049 is ideal for use with point-of-sale devices and dumb terminals which do not provide DTE signaling. Robust power handling features including protection against brownouts and power glitches make this modem suitable for unattended remote applications.

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